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"When did it air here? Oh you guys probably watched it when it aired in the UK. I’m going to arrest you all after this."
-Benedict Cumberbatch, Oz Comic Con. 2014. (Talking about the airing of The Empty Hearse)


"Slytherins can’t be brave," Please allow me to direct your attention to Regulus Black, and his storyline which was so conveniently left out of the movies.

"The violin is a pain in the ass. It makes my heart beat as well, cos you know, everyone who plays the violin, does to the standard I’m supposed to. Sherlock has learnt from the age of four and has bled over that instrument and I faking it, it feels horrible……playing a classical instrument is just such a heinous thing for me, it really really upsets me because the fingering is out, the bow is out, the position is not right, the timing’s not right and that’s what I have to do, I have to just mime it obviously. But there’s also just a bit of sound I make, you can’t hear it but I can hear it and it tortures me. There are those beautiful happy moments where I’m supposed to be serenading my best friend and his wife and it’s like, “Way to ruin that one Ben.” But the music they write for it, is gorgeous and it works and when you get it right, it really works."
-Benedict Cumberbatch on playing the violin for Sherlock, Oz Comic Con Experience Panel. (via miss-dramateen)
Things that break my heart

seeing my mom cry

children being abused

my favorite character dying

watching the person I love most… love someone else. 

Let’s Talk About


Dane DeHaan as a fucking fangirl:

  • Got to make out with Harry Potter



  • Rode on a motorcycle with Edward Cullen (Or Cedric Diggory, if that’s more your speed)


  • BFFs with Spiderman


So, basically, your fave could never.